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What are the advantages of Telehealth over in-person care?​

Doctor Stat uses technology that aims to help and treat common medical ailments to bridge the gap between the internet and an in-person doctor visit for most medical issues. Our platform is designed to make quality healthcare accessible and convenient for patients. We have physicians who are on call to speak with you 24/7. 

IT'S CONVENIENT. Driving to your doctor's office and sitting in a waiting room takes time. Depending on how busy your doctor's office is, you could spend 20 minutes or longer waiting for your appointment. Telehealth is faster. You get on the call right at your appointment time and you can talk to us anywhere, you can avoid taking time off from work.


IT'S MORE COMFORTABLE. Your home is more familiar than a doctor's office. It may be easier to talk to us when you feel comfortable.


IT'S SAFER. Sitting in a doctor's office filled with sick people could expose you to COVID-19 and other infections.


THE QUALITY IS OFTEN THE SAME. You can get the same level of care from home as you would in your doctor's office. In one survey, nearly 63% of patients and almost 60% of doctors said they thought virtual visits were just as effective as in-person ones.

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