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Partner with Us!

Online health is the future of medicine. Technology has made it easier for people to live healthier lives. Our vision is to improve the quality of life for as many people as possible by empowering them with the knowledge and tools necessary to live happier, healthier lives.

We are looking for partnerships with other organizations to provide a way for people to access high quality information about their health, wherever they are. This is the future of healthcare: personalized, preventive, and designed for the individual.

Who do we partner with?

Medical industry is a very competitive industry. We recognize that telehealth is growing rapidly and we believe that there are opportunities it can offer. Everyone's health is our top priority and we feel that doing partnerships is one of the best ways to provide the best experience  and give them the best access to their healthcare.

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Medical Providers

  • Reduces rural barriers to care

  • Aids patients with limited mobility

  • Expedites timely care

  • Supports Independence

  • Attract more patients because of the undeniable benefits

Insurance Providers

  • Increase profit

  • Provide all the telehealth benefits to your clients

  • Reduce cost for hospital admissions and ER

Other Businesses

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  • Save your company's healthcare cost

  • Enhance employees' productivity

  • 24/7 access of your employees to their healthcare

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  • Provide continuous stream of income referring practices and businesses to us

  • Lots of benefits awaits

  • Provided marketing materials

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